Steel Framing Minimises the Risk of Termite Attack in Your Home

Termite damage is a serious risk that can affect Australian structures and is often one of the afterthoughts when building materials are considered. Two major aspects can be attributed to the termite risk of your home:

  • Likelihood of termites entering your home
  • Amount of damage they can inflict before detection

While the region, construction type and expertise of the builder are large influences on termite damage risk, often these are no fault of the home owner. However, termite resistant steel framing can prevent termite damage to important structural features of your building.

When choosing building materials for your home, consider that most major insurance companies do not cover termite damage, putting thousands of homeowners out of pocket for remedial work. A recent independent study from the University of Western Sydney, discovered that out of 274 random surveyed homes, 12% of timber framed dwellings had been attacked by termites, whereas the rate of attack for steel framed homes was “indistinguishable from zero” (Jeary, AP, 2003).