Flooring Systems

Floor Joist Systems

At Steelscene, our Floor Joist Machine produces a 250 mm Cee section with thickness ranging up to 2.4 mm. This allows for floor joist spans up to 6m depending on live load.

Achieve unparalleled efficiency and precision with our floor joist machine, which seamlessly produces floor joists and perimeter channels using a unique combination of punch tools. With advanced software instructions, this machine eliminates the need for manual adjustments, streamlining the production process.


Joist section with swaged service hole


Joist section with fixing tabs punched


Joist section with swaged service hole


Joist sections fixed

Using the same steel section for all members, Steelscene’s floor joist system enables the manufacture of a precise and timely flooring solution for any project. Service holes, bolt holes, and tabs can be used with CNC accuracy to speed up installation by making it easier to fix and run services through the system.

A typical rectangular floor consists of two perimeter sections, with joists spanning in between. The perimeter sections are unlipped Cee sections, with the joists being lipped C-sections. This produces a 250mm deep ‘cassette’ and allows the flooring, or roof panel to seamlessly be installed on site. This system does away with the traditional bearer and joist method, allowing minimal time for floor joist installation.

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