Our Process

Our 4 Step Process

As a major steel manufacturer in Perth, we understand how important knowing our clients and their requirements are. Before commencing a project, it is important to understand the projects scopes. This helps us understand what is required from a client standpoint, and allows us to be more efficient with materials and costs.

Before we can fabricate steel, we must work out the design of your project. SteelScene has experience working on a wide range of projects, for various different industries including both residential and commercial builders. Using CAD we can design a frame that is based on your buildings specific requirements.

The Steelscene factory is powered by several unique CNC machines which give us an advantage of fabricating steel to a remarkable quality. The level of accuracy to which we can build wall frames, roof trusses and other steel structures comes down to the quality manufacturing systems we use. To ensure that you or your clients receive the highest quality products we eliminate human error from the process by having our drawings exported directly to the machine. This eliminates the chance for miscommunication, allowing us to reach far greater levels of productivity and accuracy which results in extremely quick turnaround for the fabrication of our various products.

In our factory, we have six roll-forming machines capable of producing wall frames, roof trusses/panels and floor joists. Utilising our specialised framing systems we are able to fabricate a large house within a single day, making us one of the largest producers of steel stud frames in Australia. With our highly skilled workforce, fabrication takes hours not days, allowing us to minimise the turnaround time in construction.

We are more than Perth steel manufacturers. Once your buildings steel has be produced, we can provide the required services to construct the steel frame on site.