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Steel Frame Roof Options

Achieve savings and peace-of-mind with Steelscene’s steel frame roof systems, offering fire-resistant steel trusses that outperform timber alternatives and provide enhanced protection against the harsh Australian environment, including the rapid spread of bushfires which can have embers that are able to reach the roof space and ignite wooden rafters in a matter of seconds. View the CSIRO bush fire video. Steelscene’s steel trusses provide more than just fire protection, our steel frame roofs have a proven track record in some of Australia’s most dangerous cyclone regions, outperforming the competition hand-and-hand with their superior tensile strength and expert engineering, enabling them to easily withstand demanding wind loads.

Roof Panels

Steelscene understands that one roof system does not fit all projects, which is why we offer a steel frame roof panel solution. A flat roof panel system is a popular alternative to the traditional roof truss system employed on many Australian homes. Allowing for a simple erection of the roof, especially on contemporary homes which desire a continuous pitched roof design. Our steel frame roof panel solution does away with time-consuming timber fabricated roofs and has your project completed in a much shorter turnaround.

What We Can Offer

At Steelscene, we offer two main roofing options. These include a 75 mm or 89 mm steel roof truss section or a 150 mm Rolled Cee section steel roof panel which provides an alternative to the traditional truss roofing system. With thicknesses up to 1.15mm, our roof panels provide an easy solution to your project.

Steel Truss Module Design

During regular erection of roof truss systems, trusses are individually stood up and fixed, which can be a lengthy process for larger roof systems. For larger roof designs, we offer a modular steel frame roof truss system. This option involves prefabricating a roof module consisting of multiple steel trusses at ground level, including roof battens and bracing. This modular system is then craned into position where it can be fastened to the walls underneath, allowing an easier and prompter construction schedule.

Steel Roof Trusses

Steelscene steel trusses, unlike many of the other industry alternatives are constructed using a complete computer-controlled process. Using Steelscene’s advanced software we are able to calculate the required loading and stresses and therefore build each steel truss to custom specifications to make sure that it adheres to Australian Standards. This level of complexity is usually only used for large-scale projects, however when this same process is used for building commercial and residential buildings it can present significant cost savings which can then be passed onto the home owner or builder.

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