Steelscene’s steel frames and roof trusses are covered in a protective coating of either an aluminium/zinc alloy, or zinc, which fights corrosion of the steel. This protection is due to a natural phenomenon known as sacrificial protection which prevents the corrosion of steel at any exposed cut edges or penetrations.


Steelscene’s framing products are made from materials of the highest quality and maintain the strictest manufacturing techniques to create steel framing of the highest workmanship. It’s your investment after all, so why should you settle for anything less than perfect?

Cost Effective

Due to the manufacturing techniques and advanced CNC machines used in the building of your steel frames, wastage is kept to a minimum which results in a product that is extremely cost effective and therefore one of the most competitive solutions on the market.


Steel frames by nature are far more safer than their wood alternatives, due to the physical properties of carbon steel. Not only are steel frames impervious to fire, they also are far stronger when it comes to cyclonic conditions due to the strength of the steel and the connections used.