Why You Should Trust The Quality of Steel Framing

How straight are your walls?

With Steelscene’s steel framing system we can guarantee millimetre precision, paired with our unique drafting package which is integrated with the design specifications of our CNC machines, we are able to maintain a level of accuracy far superior to any other “cut-and-weld” or “timber frame” stud wall or roof truss system.

How flat are your walls?

Because our channel/frames are rolled in our own factory we can guarantee that the wall profile remains consistent with our specifications, paired with our special “recessed” noggins and frame braces we can ensure that the walls and trusses that leave our factory our dead flat.

How square are your rooms?

Due to Steelscene’s framing products being drafted and exported directly to our CNC machines, the rooms will remain square and free from human error. Our machines are even sophisticated enough to mark out the exact intersections of the walls so that the fabricators can stand up the frames with ease, saving time and money with install costs.

How flat is your ceiling?

Made from G550 steel, Steelscene’s frames have some of the highest tensile strength in light gauge steel in the industry. Steel thickness can range from 0.75 mm up to 1.15 mm which allows us to span enormous lengths with little to no sag.

How straight is your roof?

Our roof panels and trusses are designed in our specialist drafting software which allows us to design each individual truss to the exact millimeter. We can even build hanging ceilings and bulkheads in to the truss and panel design saving time and money with carpenters onsite.

How durable is your building?

Steelscene builds framing and accommodation for the highest cyclone regions and we’re experienced when it comes to knowing the requirements for your building and other hidden traps.