Steel is a Reliable Building Material

The Protective Coating 

The coating formed due to sacrificial protection is a tough, continuous, uniform coating protecting the steel from all angles of corrosive attack. The coating is applied to both sides of the steel by the hot-dip process. In this process the steel coil is passed through a bath of molten metal, the amount of coating applied is closely monitored throughout the process to ensure that the steel meets the relevant Australian Standards and therefore provides your investment with the greatest protection. As a result, the more reactive zinc oxidises to form a layer of Zinc Oxide, a compound much more durable which in turn protects the steel.

What Does This Mean For You?

The galvanised coating on all Steelscene products ensures that all the steel wall frames, floor joist systems and roof trusses are resistant against corrosion which can plague other types of steel used in construction. With the right fixtures and connections to other parts of the structure you can rest easy knowing that you can have the strength and stability that comes with a steel structure without any of the drawbacks.

Steelscene’s steel frames are even better than the industry standard because of the lack of welds and poor steel cuts seen in traditional “cut-and-weld” framing. Because Steelscene’s wall frames are all pre-cut, dimpled and punched by our CNC machines during the rolling process it ensures that every cut remains perfect and the protective coating remains as strong as it was before rolling.

The protective coating is kept in pristine condition due to the fact that all Steelscene members are rolled during the fabrication process, unlike other companies which purchase lengths of Cee channel and cut it to measure. Steelscene’s steel is kept preserved in packaging until the manufacturing is commenced to ensure that no damage takes place to the steel while in storage.