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Why Steel Will Save You In The Long Run

  • A steel-framed house produced using Steelscene’s steel frames can be completed in approximately 1/2 the time of a conventional brick and mortar home, leading to lower install costs for all trades working on site.
  • Steel frames are extremely strong and lightweight, requiring less material than timber or block methods leading to cost savings for both the homeowner and builder.
  • Steel framing easy to transport and stand up, minimizing transport costs while speeding up construction time.
  • Precise project budgets can be met due to the accuracy of steel frame building methods and less material wastage which is passed on as savings to the home owner/builder.
  • Factory manufacturing eliminates site theft and vandalism, which can be a considerable cost for the project.
  • Projects are more likely to be completed on time and on budget due to Steelscene’s time and cost efficient manufacturing process. The framing is 100% square and straight and enables trades people to eliminate time compensating for poor framing.
  • Steelscene’s steel framing machines pre-punch electrical and service holes, meaning reduced time on site for plumbers and electricians leading to reduced labour costs, which results in further savings for the builder.