The Benefits of Steel Framing in Construction: Why Choose Steel?


Picking the right material for the job goes hand in hand with picking the right tool. Steel, wood, and bricks all have very different properties that affect how suitable they are for any given task. So, why choose steel for your building?


Cheaper than wood, in the long run, steel frames have much lower maintenance costs. 

Steel naturally doesn’t fear termites, rot, or mould. Nor does it shrink, twist, or warp. Meaning less money spent on preventative maintenance and less spent on replacing doors that no longer fit in their frames.

Steel frames can also reduce building costs during initial construction. Our Perth-based Steel Frames are lighter than timber and easier to carry and assemble. Reducing the cost of putting a steel frame house together.


Steel is incredibly strong and durable. It has the greatest strength-to-weight ratio when compared to other building materials, being up to 7 times stronger than timber. As well as being resistant to wood’s natural enemies, termites, rot, and mould. It is an ideal choice for buildings affected by extreme weather. 

Steel is non-combustible, making it more suitable than wood in bushfire areas, which is important if you are building Steel Frames remotely. Steel frames are ductile like wood, so they are much more suited to earthquake zones than concrete or masonry, which are much more brittle. This ductility and the strength of the fastenings used make steel ideal for providing better protection against high winds, cyclones, and violent thunderstorms.

Construction Benefits

Steel frame houses benefit from greater accuracy in construction. The steel doesn’t warp or shrink, so precise designs can be consistently and accurately fulfilled. The workable nature of the steel itself allows for greater design flexibility.

On-site assembly time is reduced due to the modular nature of steel frames, reducing the overall construction time considerably. This is further aided by the lighter weight of steel, which makes it easier for labourers to work with. When compared to concrete, the Australian Steel Institute reports that steel construction only requires 10-20% of the labour needed for concrete construction.

The many qualities of steel frame walls also make them ideal for multistory buildings. Specifically, steel is strong, light, and ductile. In the UK, a region known for densely populated cities like London, 70% of all multistory buildings are now made of steel, showcasing the reliance and versatility of the product in modern environments. 


Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled with no loss of quality. In fact, by weight, steel is the most recycled material globally. Steel frame houses don’t require any deforestation to build, and steel construction produces less waste than alternative methods. Less waste means less fuel used to transport waste material.

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