Wall Frames

Steelscene’s steel wall frames are of the industry’s highest standard, with a level of accuracy in both the finished product and the quoting unseen with previous building products. Steelscene’s manufacturing process allows our draftsmen to analyse a building floor plan and allow for wall intersections, service routes, electrical fixtures, door openings and other assorted items and pre-plan them into the frame fabrication.

The extra minutes spent entering this data into our specialised machines saves hours even days off construction and fabrication time and it also allows our specialised team to spot any particular hazards or oversights before the building is fabricated saving on expensive cost blowouts.

What We Can Offer

At Steelscene, we can produce fully fabricated frames with gauges of 75mm, 89mm and 140mm, offering thicknesses of 0.75mm and 1.15mm.

Framing System

At Steelscene, we utilise our own design and manufacturing system to produce our frames at unrivalled quality and productivity. The whole project timeline becomes simplified with our system, with our drafting software compatible with all CAD software packages. This allows us to easily finish your project design phase, where quantities of all materials are determined before the manufacturing stage begins. Once approved, your millimetre accurate frames can be produced within hours and ready for transport in a timely fashion.